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Free Test Bank for College Physics 9th Edition by Young

college physics 9th edition

College Physics 9th Edition DescriptionFor more than five decades, Sears and Zemansky’s College Physics has provided the most reliable foundation of physics education for students around the world. The Ninth Edition continues that tradition with new features that directly address the demands on today’s student and today’s classroom.A broad and thorough introduction to physics, this […]

Free Test Bank for College Physics 7th Edition by Wilson

college physics 7th edition

College Physics 7th Edition DescriptionAlgebra-based physics text known for stream-lined coverage. New edition maintains this strength and emphasizes conceptual approach.

Free Test Bank for College Physics A Strategic Approach 2nd Edition by Knight

college physics a strategic approach

College Physics A Strategic Approach 2nd Edition DescriptionBuilding on the results of an extensive NSF-funded educational research program and detailed input from an unprecedented 4,500 students and 250 instructors, Randy Knight and Addison-Wesley published Physics for Scientists and Engineers in 2003. Already the most widely adopted new physics text published in more than 30 years, […]

Free Test Bank for Essential College Physics 1st Edition by Rex

essential college physics

Essential College Physics 1st Edition DescriptionThe goal of Essential College Physics is to provide a text focused on essential principles—a shorter, more focused text that better addresses the learning needs of today’s students while more effectively guiding them through the mastery of physics. Brevity does not need to come at the expense of student learning.This […]

Free Test Bank for Physics 4th Edition by Walker

physics 4th edition walker

Physics 4th Edition DescriptionWalker’s goal is to help readers make the connection between a conceptual understanding of physics and the various skills necessary to solve quantitative problems. The pedagogy and approach are based on over 20 years of teaching and reflect the results of physics education research.  Already one of the best-selling books in algebra-based physics,The Fourth Edition strengthens […]